With violence and aggression continuing in Syria, horrible stories and images continue to come out of the country. Artists using all different types of mediums and from all kinds of backgrounds have tackled the crisis. Writers, musicians, and performers continue to speak about their homeland. The tools do not matter, all that matters is that they inform the world on what is happening through storytelling.

In 2012 Dima moved to Lebanon after violence escalated in her country and threatened her life, as it did for many others in Syria. She escaped to Beirut not only to seek a new shelter, but rather to continue expressing herself and doing what she does best:  illustrations of Syria and her dream of peace. Perhaps more than any other conflict in the 21st century, the Syrian civil war has been heavily photographed and documented in parallel with the rapidly growing use of social media. Dima used her talent and throughillustrative art she drew the essence of brutality and barbarism in her country. She chose to speak for herself, to tell the narrative of hope and aggression, and to contribute to the living memory of Syria today.